Ep. 7 - War on ‘Berra feat. Drs Corner, Jones & Nolan

March 31st, 2019

A lawyer, a psychologist and a criminologist walk into a podcast. It's no joke.


On a whirlwind tour of the Australian capital, TAPwrap taps into the expert knowledge on hand at the Australian National University to talk about the history and legal ramifications of terrorism, approaches to understanding extremism, and the future of radicalisation & prevention in the Asia Pacific region.



  • Dr Emily Corner, ANU College of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Dr Clarke Jones, ANU College of Health and Medicine
  • Professor Mark Nolan, ANU College of Law



Ep. 6 - Beers, Fears, and Seers feat. Dr Andrew Carroll

January 23rd, 2019

Time for a deep dive!


Our first show for 2019 takes us into the complexities of behavioural risk assessment with Dr Andrew Carroll, seer of beer and stalwart of Australian forensic psychiatry. We talk heuristics, objectives, intuition, research, discuss the exciting goings-on at Our Curious Minds, and of course break down the finest ale, lager, and stout!


(Technical note: Luke sounds a bit washed out in this ep due to mic setup. No biggie.)


Show notes

Check out Andy and Brett at Our Curious Minds







Ep. 5 - Strong Finnish feat. Totti Karpela

October 4th, 2018

Straight up, no chaser!


In this long-delayed episode we jump right into our interview with the forward Nord, Mr Totti Karpela of Peace Of Mind Threat Management, who spoke to us in his home town of Helsinki during the 2018 annual conference of the Association Of European Threat Assessment Professionals.


Exciting times in threat assessment and management, and TAPwrap will be right here with updates on the thrills, spills and events lined up for coming months. Enjoy the episode and stay tuned!



Ep. 4 - Straight From The Hart feat. Prof Stephen Hart

April 24th, 2018

What do we know about risk? What should we know? What do we measure and how?


And why are most clinicians bad at business?


From the mean streets* of Wellington, New Zealand, we talk with Professor Stephen Hart, Director and Threat Assessment Specialist at Protect International Risk and Safety Services, and Professor of Psychology at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia.


 * Actually the luxurious Intercontinental Hotel


Ep. 3 - Let’s Talk Less Stalk, feat. Dr Lorraine Sheridan

February 28th, 2018

TAPwrap is back for 2018 with a full-length blockbuster episode, chock full of fixation and vexatious grievance. But enough about the hosts.

In this episode, we go deep on the assessment, treatment, practicalities and politics of stalking and intimate partner violence, with academic expert and master storyteller Dr Lorraine Sheridan of Curtin University.




  • The quote fumbled by Luke is from Max Planck, “Die Wahrheit triumphiert nie, ihre Gegner sterben nur aus”. Paraphrased in English as ”truth never triumphs—its opponents just die out” or “science advances one funeral at a time.”


Books, papers, research and others mentioned in this episode (more to come as we rifle the databases!):

  • Stalkers and their Victims [Mullen et al 2008]




Ep. 2 - Over The Edge feat. Dr Daniel Kardefelt-Winther

November 18th, 2017

Is social media a threat to kids? Are video games a menace to everyone? Does “digital self-harm” really exist? And what is actually working to improve online safety in Australia and New Zealand?


Right in the Head heads right into Sydney for Online Safety: On The Edge, hosted by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner and Netsafe New Zealand. It’s a triple-decker conference with the lot, and we break down the schedule, highlights, conundrums, and big ideas emerging around issues of online safety and threat management.


Then we wonk out with UNICEF’s Daniel Kardefelt-Winther, over research, evidence-based practice, gaming, and what everyone should know about the Global Kids Online Project.


Show notes and links:


Ep.1 - Podcast launch feat. Dr Michael Davis

October 4th, 2017


In the first episode of TAPwrap, we talk with Dr Michael Davis, forensic clinical psychologist and specialist in the assessment of sexual deviance and paraphilic behaviours.


In a discussion ranging from campus violence and vicarious trauma, to historical texts and working nude, our presenters cover (or uncover), places, people and practices in contemporary threat assessment.


Audio quality is a work in progress, and we look forward to cleaner sound plus some atmospheric music in future episodes!



Show Notes and links:

Welcome to The TAPwrap Podcast

October 4th, 2017




We are your hosts, Luke & Annabel, from Right In The Head.



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